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Are Podcast free on Spotify

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Spotify is becoming a favorite place in distributing content for podcasters and so the streaming giant is standing second to top after iTunes when it comes to popularity in the podcast hosting business consecutively for the past two years, i.e. 2020-2021.

In the beginning, the process to submit podcasts to Spotify was tedious. But now, the process has been simplified, making the platform as one of the most on-demand podcast directories of recent times.

Coming to whether Podcast listening is free on Spotify?

Yes, podcast listening is free on Spotify, as anyone who has a valid account on the platform can listen to the content. However, in order to download the content and listen to it in leisure that is offline, they need to go premium.

What about the Spotify premium subscription?

In March 2021, Spotify announced it is launching a paid subscription service across the United States for podcast lovers. Initially, it allowed only a few famous podcast creators to charge for their content consumption. But now, it has rolled out a subscription-based service to all podcasters, thus allowing them to monetize their content.

Difference between free and paid Spotify content

Paid content is displayed on the screen with a lock icon that appears after the user clicks on the play button. This means the user needs to input their credentials via a dedicated anchor page to listen to the premium content or can pay then and there itself to access that exclusive content.

How much do podcast creators charge on Spotify?

The rates seem to be reasonably economical as they start from as low as $0.50 and can go to $150. But the rates are subjective to change and all depend on the content’s potential to engage listeners.

How to submit a podcast on Spotify for free from podcast creators POV

  • Remember, Spotify doesn’t host content. It just helps in distributing content. So, to upload a podcast on Spotify, one should go through the following steps:
  • Download the Anchor App or visit the www dot anchor dot fm page
  • Sign up for the account and upload the first podcast
  • Add title, description and upload the channel art
  • Then press the button to publish now and fill in the details further
  • After a specific time, say 12 hours, i.e. after the podcast gets approved, it will be visible on Spotify and other platforms
  • The next time you upload a fresh episode, it gets an instant approval within 10 minutes and will go live on Spotify within the next 15 minutes.

Now, to those who hosted their content on a platform that doesn’t support Spotify distribution, you can just copy the RSS feed link and head to www dot podcasters dot Spotify dot com and sign up for the service.

Once done, just paste the RSS Feed link and leave the rest to the streaming service provider.

It will then send a verification code to the email ID to authenticate the identity of the user and will then ask for some more details, after which the podcast will be thrown live to audiences.

Is Spotify better than Apple Podcasts

This is a bit tricky question to answer as Apple Podcasts, known as iTunes in the past, is by far the largest platform that hosts podcast content. In fact, both platforms offer the same share of audiences to those involved in podcast creation. However, as the Apple brand stands tall, the podcast feature of the iPhone giant is also a big hit among consumers as it reaches more audiences on a monthly basis than what the Spotify and Google Podcasts usually do quarterly.

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