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To all those podcast fans out there, here’s a fact to rejoice! All podcast content is free to access and can be viewed or listened to over the internet. It is like that of radio content where every song, interview, program, show, review, news, and all such things accessible through radio waves are absolutely free and most are available via mobile apps, websites, or platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

So, next, you might get a quick question on how the podcast host or the podcast creator makes money by offering free content.

Here comes the concept of advertising into play and works similar to that of radio content.

When audiences or listeners are accessing the content, there is a huge scope for promoting ads that leads to revenue generation. Like inserting a digital ad into the content at the beginning of the podcast, in the middle, or at the end of a podcast. To take the promotion to the next level, even the host or the podcast creator can read out the ad content and will get paid as per the generated revenue.

Where to search for fresh Podcast content

Although podcasts are free, it is hard to judge where to start from, as there are already tons of content to access for free. And we cannot judge the content just by looking at the title, the host-name, or the producer.

So, we search for content based on the reviews given by our close friends or family members, seeing the number of downloads for a particular podcast title, after hearing about the content from other podcast hosts, or through google search by filtering the information by using a keyword or a phrase.

How to watch free podcasts

Earlier, when people used to listen to audio podcasts, the content was available for free on resources such as a radio, websites, or on platforms such as Google Podcasts, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts. But now, the trend is to listen to content that has a video content mix in it as people are more interested in consuming such content, and that too at no cost.

YouTube, owned by Google, has turned into the best platform to host visual versions of podcasts and is for free. The only thing people need is to sign in to access some content that is termed to be streamed only for adults such as certain health-related topics or some sensitive topics that are connected to the world of politics and the personal lives of celebrities. Vimeo can also help in hosting such content.

On some platforms such as Facebook, podcast hosts stream live content to their consumers and it can be watched free of cost.

Can we listen to podcasts for free offline?

Whether it Apple Podcasts app or a Google Podcast app, some shows are offered for download all free of cost. However, on both platforms, the new content is available only to those who have subscribed to the service by paying a fee. It’s obvious as the broadcaster needs to earn revenue to keep things going. Once downloaded, the podcast can be heard many times with no requirement for a web connection.

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