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Are Podcast guests paid

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Are Podcast guests paid is the question that clicks every mind that is watching a podcast having a host and a guest’s Q&A session…?

There is a common notion among podcast listeners that guest speakers expect a paycheck to speak or participate in a show. To a certain extent, it is true as they can leverage the show’s popularity and demand as per the show’s download count.

This doesn’t happen always or often as podcast show hosts invite guests with a mindset that the guest can get some exposure through the show by keeping the audiences engaged, thus leading to a potential increase in the number of followers and sales regarding the product or service they sell.

For beginners or those who are new to podcasting, they do not have audiences right from the start. So, they need to call popular celebrities and involve in some Q&A that might keep the listeners busy.

In return, they are paid or given something valuable for their valuable time investment.

What do guests get when they feature in Podcasts?

Keeping aside what they get from a monetized show, let us discuss the experience they share with us when they take part in the show. They are spending time and generating interest among the listeners and that’s something a podcast host should be grateful for.

Usually, in this materialistic world, a guest always sees some benefit from their appearance on a show. It can be exposure, money, mementos, gifts, coupons or an increase in the followers’ count on their social media handles, respectively.

If they get anyone or all those stated above, a guest will feel elated to take part in a podcast show. If they get at least one or two from above, they feel happy. And if they get nothing, then they feel disappointed as the time they invested goes to waste.

Who to avoid as guests?

It makes sense if a podcast host invites a guest who has something to do with the topic that he or she is speaking about or hosting. For suppose, if you are speaking on a podcast about a health-related topic, it makes sense to bring a doctor, healthcare advisor, or those connected to health as guests. If you call an engineer or a chartered account to speak, it doesn’t do any good to the show.

Remember, audiences tune into a podcast show only if it interests them. And if you cannot keep it engaging, then you might lose audience count within no time.

Mind you, it is easy to lose listeners/audiences these days. And extremely hard to build a database, especially in this competition-driven podcasting world.

How many times is a guest invited

In shows like The Joe Rogan Experience, the host Joe Rogan is seen inviting guests for every episode. This means he not only relies on his audiences for popularity but also smartly banks on the guest followers to propel his podcast episodes. Like in the latest, he invited Boxer Mike Tyson as a guest and the boxing champ was seen speaking some harsh words about the rich and said that the rich hunt down the poor as they treat it as a fun game.

Thanking a guest is also important

Agree that a podcast host is paid in one form or other if they appear on a show. But the host should show some gratitude by emailing the guest after the show and reminding them of something they said and how valuable it proved to the show’s popularity.

But remember, the email should be drafted in a non-spamming way and should be filled with grace and affection and not with an authoritative tone that reminds and dictates the guest that he/she was paid for their participation. Some podcast creators make this mistake to repent later.

But can a guest claim ownership of a podcast show?

Well, it all depends on the way you invited them and the pre-agreement terms you made with them before their participation in the show.

Final say on podcast guests being paid

The payment made to guests depends on the show’s popularity and the mindset of the host or the creator of the podcast. Live shows that invite guests to entertain their listeners need to pay a guest as they are engaging the audiences with their content.

Let’s take this question differently. Why don’t we see the advantage when the guest gets a reward for participation in a podcast show….?

It will work wonders in increasing the followers for the show….isn’t it?

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