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For those who have listened to a few podcast shows, a question surely circles their mind-Are podcasts live or pre-recorded and shown after clinical edits?

It is a valid question and the answer to it is:

A live podcast or live podcasting is a recording of an episode with live audiences. Usually, it is not filled with any edits and cuts and brings in live enthusiasm into the listeners/audiences as everything takes place in front of their eyes. Some podcast creators show interest in creating live podcasts, while many others in the field host live episodes only on special occasions.

Difference between a live audio podcast and a live video podcast

A live audio podcast, as the name itself suggests, is a live recording broadcast done from a studio or a recording place. It involves only the voices of the host and guest/s with no edits. Such podcasts are often recorded in the background and are uploaded onto a downloading platform for users to download them later and listen offline.

A live video podcast is like an audio podcast and includes real-time video of conversation taking place between the guest/s and the host. Often such video podcasts are done in studios to eliminate any technical difficulties while broadcasting, as any hiccups in streaming can pull down listener/audience count.

Advantages of a Live Podcast

As everything happens in front of audiences with no cuts and edits, it can lead to an increase in the count of loyal audiences as they feel excited about tuning in to such shows. If the streaming service allows users to interact with each other and the host, then it can prove as a win-win situation for both the host and the audiences. As they can analyze the content and clarify their doubts, there itself and can engage in conversations with co-listeners based across the world. From Hosts or podcast creators’ POV, such live podcasts often garner respect from audiences as there are only a small fraction of creators in the field and thus have developed a special relationship of mutual respect with audiences. And from creator’s POV, live audio or video podcasts offer them extreme excitement as they gain an appreciation for the knowledge share they are spreading from time to time.

Live podcast types

Technically, live podcasts are of 6 types and they are –

Interview- In this format, a host and a guest or two are involved and are interviewed on a specific topic. As the entire conversation takes place in front of a camera, everything is streamed to the audience live. Example- Suppose the Broadcast is about a sport, the host calls in a sportsperson or a coach to the studio to discuss the issues and live streams the content to the listeners/audiences.

Monologue- In this solo way of speaking, the host or the creator of the podcast speaks on a specific topic and offers advice based on his or others’ experiences. Like a “stand-up comedy” where the host sits on a chair and plays with our comic emotions.

A Q&A session- Generally, such types of the podcast live are conducted on health-related topics where the host brings in a guest say a doctor or a health coach to speak on a specific topic and answer the questions asked by the audience/listeners- say patients in this scenario.

Interview with customers like testimonials- In such live podcasts, customers are queried about the use of certain products and services and how they felt while using that product/service. It is a kind of marketing tactic where consumer speech is used to push sales.

Educational shows- In such live podcasts, the host invites guests who can educate the audiences on various topics, such as marketing, finance, health, automobiles, and such. It is like a wise promotion and can mostly be related to educational shows.

News- In today’s world, the cost of watching television has increased and there are many households who couldn’t afford a cable TV subscription as it goes above their regular household budget. So, podcasts have become an entertaining medium for them where they need to pay for the internet and enjoy the content about what is happening around the world, such as the Russian war with Ukraine and its economic and political impact on other countries.

How to prepare for a live podcast

Just research well on the content you are about to present and fix a schedule to go live. But before that, make sure that you know well about the recording gear and if it is with a guest, throw some light on what they have to deal with while going live. Social media marketing works wonders in promoting such content and helps build an audience database. So, don’t forget to make a mark on it.

So, what are you waiting for….?

Just go for it….if you want to make it big in podcasting!

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