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Are Podcast titles in quotes

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There is a general notion among podcast creators that podcast titles do not have any value, as audiences or listeners are just interested in the content that follows afterward. But remember, a title given to a podcast can also create a big difference in increasing the followers’ count, like how a title plays a vital role in adding value to a book, movie, or song.

Things to keep in mind while creating a podcast title

Well, veterans who are in podcasting for the past 5 years say that there is no such rule to follow while thinking of an apt title for a podcast. It should be catchy, give us a feel of the podcast topic, and should be easy for the directories to list. Aiming for a podcast title that comprises 5 words or fewer and has a maximum of 60 characters makes sense, as it will appear on a perfect note in all directories.

So, is there a need for a podcast title to be in quotes?

Usually, movie titles, book titles, show titles, drama titles, poem titles, album titles, song titles, radio show titles, and television titles used to be quoted and italicized when they were showcased in print form. That means titles published in newspapers and magazines were quoted till a few years ago. Now, most publishers are not following this trend and have confirmed the practice as obsolete now.

Coming to podcasts, long videos say those running for 1 hour should be italicized. And the short ones should be quoted by including a keyword to rank better in search engines.

How to showcase a podcast on a paper or in a digital document like a word file

Whenever a podcast is posted on a platform, it is better to give some information about the show or episode below. For suppose, you have published a podcast on YouTube, then write some text about the podcast below the video. Technically, such writing is called the creation of Show Notes where details of the producer, presenter, episode title, series name, the date of recording, highlighting points in the podcast, the host or creator’s social media information, date of access by users and downloads are written.

Is it best to cite an episode in a podcast?

Yes, just capitalize on the first word and any adjective, noun, or a pronoun and verb thereafter in the title and place the period at the end of the title in quotation.

Never make these mistakes while creating podcast titles in quotes

  • To rank well on Google search engines, most podcast creators stuff keywords in the title. But by doing so, there is a high probability that directories can blacklist the show.
  • To get the best out of the podcast title, never start with the episode number or name at the start of every show.
  • Never use two to three words as show titles as it gets difficult for search engines to analyze the content and display them in the results
  • Having a lengthy title will also not help, as search engines often omit such content.
  • The title should be drafted by keeping SEO impact in mind

Final Say

Every podcasting host or creator likes to lead the competition from the front. And to achieve it, one needs to have a descriptive, catchy, and compelling podcast title tucked with a keyword to accomplish better rankings on the internet.

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