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Are Podcast titles italicized APA?

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Before knowing the answer to the question, Do Podcast titles be Italicized as per APA guidelines? Let’s go through a briefing on what exactly is APA and why should the writers and podcasters follow these rules.

APA stands for the American Psychological Association has set certain standards for writers while they write or produce content. Usually, such rules are followed while citing some quotes said by others, paraphrases, or the work procedures conducted by others, such as statistics, graphs, charts, etc.

Now the big question- Do podcast titles be italicized as per APA guidelines

First, there is no rule to make it mandatory for podcast creators or podcasters to follow a set of guidelines while creating content. However, most veterans follow the basic grammatical procedures and APA Styles while creating the content for a podcast, as it helps the audiences or listeners understand the information precisely and to the point.

Now, coming to the title of italicizing APAs for podcast titles, here’s some basic information to follow:

Usually, there is no need to italicize a podcast title. But for highlighting the episode, the list of the host as an author, followed by the label, the date of publishing, the episode title and number, and the description makes sense.

With a video podcast, the same procedure follows and remembers the idea to italicize the content was generated to highlight the content. Meaning, to highlight those parts in a title/content that might be of audience/listeners’ interest.

Like how you highlight text in important documents with a highlighter, the same way is followed while creating podcasts

But remember, do not italicize the episode title or the episode number and it is best to put the podcast episode in square brackets and then the title of the podcast in italics.


It is the content that plays a vital role in bringing back the audiences and listeners. If the content is dis-interesting, even if you add multiple bells and whistles to your podcast, the show still flops. That means, if you cannot keep the audiences engaged, then you might not keep up the bounce rate and that can prove devastating for people who want to make podcasting a career.

So, better focus on the creation of the podcast, the content that needs to be included, how you can make it interesting, what people would like to hear, what about the products and services that need to be promoted, and such. For video podcasts, people might show an interest in the content that is being highlighted. For audio podcasts, it is irrelevant as the listeners will only be interested in the content that is being advertised and the words the host is mellowing.

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