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Can Podcast be downloaded

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In simple terms, the answer to the question: Can a Podcast be downloaded? Is Yes! We can download a podcast and listen to it at leisure.

In fact, in our day-to-day busy lives, it becomes extremely difficult to listen to podcasts of our choice.

So, in such scenarios, the option to download a podcast makes complete sense, as it not only helps us spend time but will also help us brush up our knowledge on a topic that is trending and needs our attention.

How to download a Podcast

It’s really simple as you just need to have internet and find a podcast platform like an app to download it. In most cases, the download is free and might be ridden with advertisements. However, some podcasts that are in demand are only accessible for a premium.

In how many ways a podcast can be downloaded or listened

Via website- This is the simplest way to listen to a podcast. You just need to open chrome, safari, or a Microsoft edge browser and type in the URL of the podcast hosting platform and start browsing the files and listen to the displayed content.

On an iPhone or iPad- Usually, an Apple device user will open the Apple Podcasts app and listen to the content hosted on the platform.

  • Just browse through your phone and search for the app named ‘Podcasts’. If it is unavailable on your device, then go to the app store to download it.
  • As soon as you find the app, open it and click on the search page to access related content.
  • Once you type in the podcast name and hit the search tab, the content will be displayed
  • If the content is being uploaded episode-wise, then you can go for a choice. Otherwise, you can listen to the latest on the podcast homepage.
  • If you like the content, you can subscribe to more episodes. This means the episode will be downloaded directly to the library.

On Android phone- To all those using an android phone, the Google Podcasts app is the best for use and access to the content.

  • It is available in the play store for free
  • Just install the app and open it to search for the content
  • Once you find the podcast, click on the name to find the latest episodes
  • If you like it, tap the subscribe button and start accessing the content
  • If you dislike downloading apps, then just search for the content in the Google Search engine and start accessing the content

To those interested, here’s a list of the best apps for podcasts

Google Podcast is a free-to-use app that currently hosts millions of podcasts. The business unit of Alphabet Inc. is also adding features from time to time to enrich the experience of its downloading users. And with the integration of Google Assistant, even the voice-based commands of users help in accessing the content.

Castbox- It is a free app. However, in-app purchase is available to access premium content. Users using this app can not only have access to millions of podcasts but can also use the cloud sync feature with the support of Chromecast and Amazon Echo support.

Pocket Casts- This app hosts around 300,000 podcasts and is a free-to-use app with a clean design. It also allows users to stream episodes rather than download them. And so we can save a lot of storage space. To those interested in using the app on a desktop or cloud storage, PocketCasts Plus is the service that is available for $1 a month or $10 per year.

Overcast- This app is used on iOS and offers a sleek user interface that suits the iPhone giant’s ‘design’ philosophy. Voice Normalizing, variable playback speeds, and customizable playlists are some of the highlighting features of this Overcast app. The Sleep Timer feature also allows users to fall asleep while listening to a podcast. Interestingly, the app can also be used on an Apple Watch and is free to use. However, to those interested in ad-free content, a $10 a year fee is charged.

Stitcher Radio- This app offers free podcasts and to enjoy ad-free content, users need to shell out $5 per month, which also leads them to access bonus content.

Apple Podcasts- Those who own a device from Apple Inc can access content from the technology giant’s dedicated podcast ecosystem that syncs well with user accounts.

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