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Can Podcast be Live

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Of course, a Podcast can be live and is like that, a live radio show. In technical terms, a live podcast means recording an episode with live audiences. Such content is streamed or aired once a month or on specific occasions on hit podcast hosting platforms.

Can a podcast go live?

Usually, most of the podcasts are pre-recorded and then aired to the listeners or audiences, as it makes sense in weeding out any errors or human blunders in editing while making an episode or show. But yes, a podcast can go live.

What are live audio and video podcasts?

Live audio podcasts are the ones that are recorded with live audiences and are aired directly with no edits or cuts. They are like real-time radio broadcasting, where anyone who tunes into a channel will hear what the host is doing or saying. Speaking specifically about video podcasts, such content is often posted on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.

Advantages of a live podcast

Audiences who trust the host or the podcast creator to the core appreciate such content. But a few times, a live podcast can be a flop because of audio or video failure or if the content is filled with objectionable information that can lead to trouble in the future. Like how Joe Rogan’s show was pulled down from Spotify because of offensive content, even though it was not live content.

When will a podcast live-work exceptionally?

Podcast creators who already have an established amount of loyal fan base can live podcasts as it will appeal more to their listeners. Product launches, election updates, movie launches, and music launches can be done on Live podcasts as it builds excitement among the established fan base of learning something new. For example, an exit poll a day before the election results can be themed as a live podcast, as it will not only capture the attention of voters but can also keep them glued to what is about to happen.

What type of content qualifies to be podcast live

Interviews, news sharing, question-and-answer sessions, reviews about any social or political developments, customer experiences, stand-up comedy, and educational shows can be themed as live podcast shows.

Advantages of podcast live event

A broadcast microphone complete with pop guard in an audio sound booth.

  • Live podcasts often bring in loyal audiences as everything happens before their eyes, so the reach will be more.
  • Such programs fetch well when revenue streams are calculated over traditional podcasts.
  • Also, if a podcast host wants to bank on a timely event, then they should go for a live show as it can help build excitement.
  • Live podcasts keep audiences engaged all at the same time and so they can not only interact with the host but can stay engaged with other audiences through real-time messages or the chat feature, like a discussion on a certain topic churned by the podcast creator.
  • Those indulging in live podcasts are very rare in the field and since there is no big competition, listeners or audiences give a lot of respect to such show hosts as it rises authenticity which audiences will notice and connect with.

How to prepare for a podcast live show

Content plays a significant role in drawing the audiences or listeners for any podcast. If it is engaging, the podcast will bounce back from listeners. So, research well ahead of time and see that you offer everything to the audience at a scheduled time.

If the podcast includes a guest, then schedule their arrival beforehand and update them on what is going to be on the show and what they will go through. This preparedness before the start of a live podcast will help in eliminating any pauses due to surprise questions thrown afterward.

Learn about the recording and broadcasting gear beforehand to avoid any cuts and pauses in the podcast live.

Just go through some popular live podcasts shows and familiarize yourself with what they are doing, how they are doing and how they are dealing, the length they are following for each segment and the aftermath transition.

Select a suitable venue to hold the podcast. It can be a house, a studio, a public establishment, or just a small room or an attic…. yes, it sometimes works, if your spending budget is too low!

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