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Can Podcast be video

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Fans are no longer interested in just listening to audio podcasts, as they also want their eyes to be engaged. So, those involved in the business of podcasting are catching up with the craze of producing podcasts with video. It is nothing but a camera recording of a conversation as it happens between two or more people taking part in the interview, chat, or conversation.

In some shows, the host just puts a static image and the audio will play in the background that will be thereafter promoted on YouTube.

What is the future of Video Podcasts in 2022?

Over the past few years, audio podcasts have been prevalent and engaged the listeners to a certain extent. But time seems to have changed now as audiences are opting to view audio-visual content, rather than just the audio content.

So, the year 2022 seems bright for podcasts hosts who are creating AV content. So, to those who desire to become a pioneer in podcasting, it’s better you keep your focus strong on creating video content as it has a bright future ahead!

Why Video Podcasts are a hit?

People love faces- There is a general notion that human minds grasp visual content more than audio content. As 30% of neurons in our brain are devoted to analyzing visual content- compared to 3 percent for hearing and 8 percent for touch. So, people engage well with video podcasts as they could see the host and the guest and can easily get involved or connected with/in their conversation.

Reach is improved by video- Video content clicks instantly and if you can promote them on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and post them on YouTube, people can see the hard work and appreciate it by posting encouraging comments.

Social Media promotion for videos- In visual content related to news and sports activities, it’s the video that becomes an instant hit on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And so posting video podcasts on such platforms will improve the content visibility on the internet.

It’s just an addition of a Camera- The difference between audio and video podcasts is that the latter has a video that is captured through a camera while the podcast is being recorded or going live. So, guess installing a camera and streaming the content doesn’t take much of your resources.

In how many ways can a video podcast be recorded?

A podcast video can be done in 4 ways:

A.) By putting a Static Image on screen and then including the audio conversation of the host and guest/s in the background is also a form of the video podcast. Usually, news podcasts are composed in such a form by using video editing software.

B.) Studio recording- This is the best form of the podcast you can render to your audiences, as everything seems to be organized in such a set-up. The host and the guest sit on the chairs facing the camera and their audio is recorded on the microphone. Then a video editing software is used to edit the stream and then the bundled content is videocasted. In such video podcasting, listeners or audiences can see the body language of the host, and the facial expression of the host and the guest. It gives a feeling to the audience that they are being involved in the conversation/interview and keeps them engaged.

C.) Remote recording- It is done if the host and the guest or the interviewing candidate are living in a separate region, area, state, or country. Both parties have a live video chat and the conversation is recorded with the use of the software. Both the audio-visuals are shown parallel to the audiences- either live or in recorded form.

D.) The fourth form of video podcast is when the B-Roll footage(secondary footage) is included. And in this form of video, archival footage is included as visuals at different intervals. Such forms of videos are used in interviews, and to create such podcast themes, high-level video editing skills are needed.

Video Podcast Benefits

  1. As a creator of a video podcast, growth is 100% guaranteed in such themes and people recognize the host even in the outside world.
  2. As the brain grasps video content more than Audio files, such content gets faster into the mind for analysis
  3. Sharing a video podcast is easier for audiences
  4. The performance of podcast videos can be gauged by free-to-use software available on the internet. So, the creator of a podcast can get a quick look at the video podcast downloads, watching time, viewers, and top videos with just the click of a button.
  5. Video Podcasting brings in more revenue
  6. The audience simply loves to watch such content as they get connected to inside details well

Want to upload a video podcast onto YouTube

If yes, is your answer- then better capture the video in HD clarity with DSLR Cameras.

Induce some good lighting into the video capturing environment and make sure that it brightens the faces and helps in capturing the emotions and expressions of the guest and the host.

Do not use text or graphic frames and instead opt for some interior decor.

At the beginning of the video, explain to the audience the purpose of the video and edit slow parts and technically ill conversations like low voice, disturbances like a child’s cry, and such.

Never uploaded videos that are captured from Zoom or Skype, as there is surely a content degrade in such form when uploaded onto YouTube.

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