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Can Podcast Host See Who Listens

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Podcast creators spend a lot of their valuable time, effort, and resources to create a podcast in a hope that it reaches out to maximum audiences. But no matter how hard they work, eventually, it is the content that helps keep the traffic engaged and decides on its success.

To measure the potential of a podcast, certain podcast hosting platforms offer key metrics gathering features that determine how well a podcast is scoring among audiences and is holding their attention.

According to an Edison Research report, the US Podcast Listenership grew to an astounding 115 million people in the year 2021. The study estimated that the Corona Virus pandemic might have sped up the growth of podcast listening, as most of the people were locked inside their houses and with no much work to do, they simply relied on podcast listening to keep themselves busy and brush up their knowledge on the trending topics.

Podcast Listeners Statistics

Coming back to the statistics, it was discovered in the study that 43% of podcast listeners in the United States were men and 39% were women. And if we take the overall stats into account, 57% were white and 13% of listeners were African-American, 1% were Hispanic(from Latin America) and 4% among them were Asia, making way for 10% of others.

Most among them were in the age group of 12 to 34 and the rest were from the millennia, senior, and super senior groups. So, as this digital technology is picking up among all age groups, most of the companies that are trying to increase their brand’s values are trying to focus their marketing skills more on this stream.

Advertisement listening success in Podcasts

Unlike other digital platforms, one can stay assured that there will be a 79% of chance for an ad listed on a podcast to get converted into a sale. Because, because of the content quality, there is a 70% chance the audiences will keep their focus intact on the podcast even while the ad is playing.

And as per the Statista survey of 2021, 70% of the podcasts are heard by audiences in the comfort of their home. And 30% of them listen to their favorite content in the car or during transit. So, if the audiences listen to the content in such a focused way, then it will definitely improve the efficacy of podcast advertising generating leads and converting them to sales.

Companies looking to promote their products note such marketing statistics and analytical surveys to promote their service or product on podcast hosting platforms and then on social media to attain excellent success.

Tools to get analytics on Podcasts

All podcast hosting platforms are nowadays offering analytics features and this includes Apple Podcasts Connect, Spotify dashboard for Podcasters, Google Podcasts, and Chartable. The first three provided general insight into the podcast analytics such as the number of plays, average playtime per episode, and the number of minutes listened. Chartable goes deeper and offers detailed analytical insight into Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The Final Say

It’s clear that in the coming years the craze for podcasts will increase and companies will find more profits in promoting their products in such broadcasting mediums, rather than on other digital platforms. But again, it all depends on the content that is been aired. If the content has the potential to engage the audiences, it will automatically gain a healthy bounce-back of listeners and any promotion made on such content will click within no time.

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