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Can a Podcast make Money?

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Everyone who is into the stream of podcasting is interested in knowing the facts on how they can make money from podcasts. And to those who made podcast creation a career, it becomes a lifeline to learn how a podcast can fetch them revenue.

Technically, there are different ways to earn money from podcasts. But veterans in this stream suggest it is better to monetize a podcast after it built a large set of listening audiences. And the first way to gain revenue from a podcast is:

Through Affiliate Marketing- In this type of performance marketing, a podcast host refers to a product or a service during the show and earns a commission. This means the host earns money if someone purchases a product or service promoted on a podcast show. The best part of this marketing tactic is the fact that the host can induce the ad in the podcast space at his/her wish. It can be at the start or in the middle of the podcast or at the end of the entire content.

Sponsorship and advertising- To podcast shows that gained immense popularity, many companies come forward to sponsor their content. However, to make this happen, the podcast host should work hard with the content and gain a larger set of audiences of at least 5,000 to 8000 listeners and more.

By educating others- It is common for the podcast hosts to speak incredibly in ways to attract audiences. While most become regular listeners of the show, some say 1-2 people get inspired and desire to try their luck in the same field. A podcast host can earn revenue by educating such people with online courses on how to start on their own. That doesn’t mean the creator of the podcast show should only train the future probable podcast creators. They can offer educative webinars on various subjects of interest and coach people on topics such as fitness, diet, business, and teaching.

Crowdfunding and donations- During a podcast, if you are confident that people will surely need your content, then you can ask for crowdfunding or donations in order to serve them with the best content.

Offering something extra- To those who offered funds or donations, a podcast host can offer them extra content such as an ad-free RSS Feed, behind-the-scenes videos, additional interviews, and exclusive Q&A chats with hosts. It is like having fun and gaining money through podcasts on a weekly or monthly note.

Event hosting- Podcasts hosts who have a tremendous fan following online are invited to live events where the public can interact with them to gain knowledge. In return, a podcast creator is paid great for keeping the audiences engaged and entertained.

Through books and other merchandise- Popular podcasts hosts such as Joe Rogan earn revenue by allowing companies to publish their pictures on T-shirts, mugs, and books. Such products can also work wonders in advertising a show, as the show host can present such things to the show’s loyal fan base.

About Podcast Revenue Calculator

To make things simple, some business firms are offering an online Podcast Revenue Calculator on Google. And such service/s offer a glimpse of potential podcast earnings. All a user needs to do is to enter tentative downloads per episode, monthly ads per episode, monthly episodes that will be aired, and get a glimpse of earnings per episode, per month, and year.

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