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Can Podcast See who listens to Apple

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To all those involved in podcasting, a natural curiosity arises about who is listening to their podcasts on Apple and other platforms such as Spotify and how well is their hard work paying. It’s obvious that the producer of the podcast will show more interest than any other person in the world. As he/she would like to gain an insight into their investment and how well it will pay them back.

Apple Podcast Connect Analytics

To make things easier, Apple has introduced an Analytics feature available via Apple Podcasts Connect that will give a data visualization into performing podcasts on its platform.

In simple terms, it offers actionable insights

  • Who is listening to the podcast episodes?
  • The count of new followers
  • Are they listening to the new episode from the beginning or skipping most of the content?
  • How the show or episodes are performing with the time?
  • How many listeners are from each state, country, and city?

Recently, Apple has also added some more meaning to its insights tab by comparing episode performance up to 60 days from its release and highlighting the episode that has the most listeners.

Some details on Podcast analytics

Usually, the key metric used to find the reach of the podcast is the download. However, Apple goes a step further in offering more details about the download like the average listening time of an episode, the number of users who listened to an episode, devices used to consume the podcast, and whether they heard the whole episode or skipped the intro content as it can show the effect on the pre-roll ads.

How to access Podcast performance info from Apple Podcast Analytics

  • Just type in https://podcastsconnect.apple.com
  • Sign in with the Apple ID used at the time of podcast submission
  • Select the feature of Podcast Analytics that is in the drop-down menu at the top left corner
  • Then start accessing the listener data

Who benefits from such analysis

By following the procedure of podcast connect, the podcaster will get to know the pulse of their listeners. Like what keeps them engaged, where and why they are skipping the content that helps improve further, and how better they can do to make their listeners happy.

Apple Podcasts Connect analysis not only helps those involved in podcasting but will also help people involved in advertising on podcasts. For example, if a podcast producer wants to increase the pay for the podcaster, then he/she can conclude how much they need to increase based on the performance of each podcast episode.

If the producer or the sponsor is not happy, they will withdraw from the contract and will invest somewhere else.

Hence, it is like a test for the podcaster when their content goes through the analytics software, as passing it with flying colors is not that easy.

Here, content plays a vital role

To get the best analytics, one needs to provide engaging content that not only attracts new podcast listeners but also keeps the current listeners glued to the content. Same as a television program or a movie where the story, screenplay, star cast, and background music keep the audience glued to the screen. The only difference is that here, ears play a vital role in driving the content into the mind of the listener and thereafter keep the revenue bells ticking.

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