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Can Podcasts be Copyrighted

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Every Podcast creator at some point in time will get the fear of content steal. Sometimes, the fear will turn into a big monster just in case if someone claims a podcast as theirs. This is where the term Podcast Copyright jumps into.

By copyrighting a podcast, the original work is protected from mimicking and this becomes especially essential when you depend on podcasting for a living.

Like how music once recorded is copyrighted, a podcast can also be legally protected from anyone/everyone from being copied or sold without the actual consent of the podcast creator.

This is where we need to apply our brain and go for the registration of copyright as soon as the podcast is stored and is being marketed.

What kind of podcast works do not need copyright permissions?

  • It’s simple, one doesn’t need to take the permission of any work if it is in a public domain like the world wide web.
  • Any work owned by the government work can be included in a podcaster
  • Usage of theory, facts, ideas, theory, slogan, title, short phrase, and mannerism is also not restricted
  • The doctrine of fair use is allowed as it is covered under the US Copyrights act. So, materials, evidence, and research work can be used in a podcast, reproduction doesn’t lead to the infringement of copyrights.
  • Usage of trademarks and logos must be done with prior permission

What about the publicity rights under Podcast Promotions?

Often Podcasters invite guests to talk on air. But before inviting them, they need to be informed about the questions they will go through. And if possible, written consent must be taken to avoid any liability troubles in the future as the use of their name, voice, mind speak, message, perspective on a topic, situation, might land the podcast creator into trouble with a brand, person, logo, business, group, community, and all other such forms.

What is the procedure for copyrighting a podcast?

They are only two requirements to fulfill to apply for podcast copyright.

First, the created content must be original and, once recorded, will receive protection by default. However, as soon as a podcast is recorded, it is better to register it with the US Copyright Office as it offers copious amounts of benefits.

For suppose, if the podcast goes through an infringement, the owner who created or owns the podcast can file a claim through an infringement lawsuit with the backing of the government.

But be very careful, as sometimes who produced the podcast, offered a platform to broadcast it live, sponsor, funding person might also cause hurdles for the ownership claim for a podcast.

Coming back to the process of copyright filing of a podcast, it is better to go for an electronics filing (e-filing rather than paper way) as it will prove economical, fast, and the easiest option.

When to file for a copyright?

Better to file right away as soon as the podcast is ready to air as it offers complete legal protection right from the start!

What does podcast copyrighting cover?

Precisely, it doesn’t cover the idea behind the podcast. But will ensure that no one lifts any clips or audio from your podcast without the podcaster’s prior consent and can neither use their direct words.

The 30-second rule myth of music and YouTube videos

A few years back, while making any YouTube video, people used to lift a 30-second bit of music or video from any movie or music video and add it to their content. But now such practices will often lead to a breach of copyright infringement laws and can land you in jail or a penalty; the same will apply to Podcast creation as well.


To avoid any financial and mental trouble in the future, it is better if a podcast creator registers the content with the US Copyright Office and claims legal benefits, if/when needed. Well, one can easily get a feeling about whether it is worth paying the fees and registering the content that we don’t even know will become a hit. Here, logical thinking comes into play. If the content has the power to engage audiences and attract sponsors, then it’s worth taking the pain.

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