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How podcast affect the user experience

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Every year, podcast consumption is increasing, and to realize these claims, research conducted by Pew Research Center says that an 8% increase is being observed annually since 2018. Therefore, more and more American listeners aged above 12 are enthusiastically getting involved in creating and offering new podcast content.

So, one might be interested in knowing what is making people listen to podcasts on a weekly, daily and occasional note. And what is making the listeners get back to such content on a regular note?

To better understand this phenomenon, a group of researchers led by professor Sylvia Chan Olmsted from the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communication Telecommunication conducted a comprehensive study on what motivates people to listen to podcasts and what makes them consume podcasts at a frequent rate when there are other forms of media platforms.

It was discovered in the study that people value the information provided in Podcasts as authentic and superior to any other platforms and so listened to them again and again. Also, they learn new things on a daily or weekly basis and so rely on such podcasts to brush up on their knowledge regarding various topics happening in society and around the world.

A pleasant voice, a friendly nature, ability to offer engaging content and present it enthusiastically is what the podcast listeners look into while hearing the content.

Having fun listening to music

And if a person offers such content, then there is a full guarantee that the number of listeners to the content will increase within no time.

As our lives have turned extremely busy, finding time to meet our friends and relatives has become subsidence. So, at this juncture, listeners connect well with the podcast hosts and start connecting with them as close friends. So, whatever the host says is taken positively by the listener, irrespective of their gender and age. Although, sometimes, like in the Joe Rogan Experience show, negativity, and usage of cuss words might also put a dent in the listeners’ count, within no time.

Thus, seeing the loyalty and listener-ship count, some sponsors come forward to fund the podcast host, thereafter funding their luxurious lifestyle. Like how Spotify offered a $200 million package to Joe Rogan for a 3-year sponsorship contract.

What users want to experience with podcasts

  • Easy to listen to podcast content that can be heard while cooking, going to the gym, driving, and doing household chores
  • Learn new things about life, politics, sports, and the happenings around the world.
  • Labels that are engaging and are of users’ interest as they know they will enjoy
  • Bookmarking the interesting podcasts to help them refer in future
  • Content that is free of disinformation, is authoritative, meaningfully realistic, and doesn’t have cuss words

From the Podcast creator’s POV

Everyone, irrespective of the field they hail, wants to excel in their career and so does the Podcaster or podcast generator. And if he/she focuses on a goal of what they want to offer, i.e., whether they want to create educational podcasts or something generic, then they better focus on the above-stated points while creating the content. As eventually, it is the content that brings the listener-ship/viewership back and helps attracts more sponsors.

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