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How Podcast earn money

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Day to day, the number of podcast creators is increasing. Some do it for money sake and others to achieve their passion of enlightening the minds of the listeners with their perspective. Keeping aside what they want to achieve with a podcast, let’s discuss how much we can earn by creating podcasts.

First, one needs to understand the fact that the creation of podcasts is not a simple task and cannot become a medium to get rich soon. As it takes a lot of hard work and quite some time to create a maximum reach for the loyal users who will listen to what we say and are ready to follow.

Even then, it is not an effortless task to make podcasting a source to make a living, in most cases, though. As only a few shows like ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, ‘My Favorite Murder, and ‘The Dave Ramsay’ shows earn millions, while the rest go into the darkness with time.

So, how to earn good from podcasts

Here, content plays a vital role in deciding the earnings from a podcast. Like all depends on what type of content is being created, how much interest will it generate in audiences, and how far it can go to engage the audiences to the core?

If we can well-balance all the above-stated points, then it can attract great traffic and can then help gain the attention of sponsors who pay the podcast’s creator something good, depending on the download a podcast is fetching.

According to a survey conducted by AdvertiseCast on Podcasts revenue, the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) depends on the content, the location from which it is being broadcasted, and the way it is attracting the audiences.

The rate for a 30-second CPM is $18 and for a 60-second CPM is $25.

As per the analysis conducted by Paywall in 2018, The Ringer Podcasts garnered over 420 million downloads, earning the owner $15 million in ad revenue.

Thus, let’s say, if a podcast garners 10,000 downloads per episode, the creator can make $500-$900 through affiliate sales.

Sometimes, a podcast can also be promoted via a paid subscription model, after advertising and by-product delivery after sale. Though not all podcasts survive such business models as competition, other media publicity and competition from already established content will eventually make the content meet a slow death.

Different marketing tactics

Marketing tactics such as Affiliate sales, complementary product offerings, direct support from the podcast streaming platform for premium content, and sponsorships do work in minimal cases. As such, promotional tactics look good on paper but eventually cannot live up to the expectations of the user, as it all depends on the proportional investment you are making into it to highlight the content to its best.

Where to find sponsorship deals for podcasts

If you are 100% sure that it your content can go crazy once launched, then there are few places to approach for great sponsorship deals such as

  • Ad Results Media
  • Adopter Media
  • AdvertiseCast
  • True Native Media
  • Midroll and
  • Podcorn

As expected, it is the sponsor that decides the rate in the beginning of promoting your podcast/s. But later, as you start slowly establishing yourself in the podcasting industry, things will fall into your place and then you can start demanding your earnings.

So, what’s your next move

If you have a passion for creating engaging podcasts and have the zeal to create qualitative content, then you may never have time to look back at all in your podcasting career, as you will surely rock in the career like Joe Rogan who earns around $200 million from Spotify once in every three years and who knows the figure can double up at the time of the next contract renewal.

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