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How Podcast works

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First, a Podcast is a collection of audio files that are free to download and accessible via the internet. They are like radio shows as podcasts cover various topics such as sports, news, and crime and have turned popular with time.

Initially, podcasts were introduced by individuals who took podcasting as a career. But on seeing their popularity in public, large companies, news channels, and other businesses explored this wonderful subject on a commercial note.

Podcasts as great listening mediums

From the listener’s point of view, Podcasts are listening mediums with which they can learn what’s happening around them and across the globe. As they can be consumed while doing daily chores, on the commute, working out in the gym, and cooking, the craze for podcasts has surged heavily in the past few years.

However, not that easy to keep the listeners engaged and so bringing back the audiences to the future episodes of a particular podcast is not a simple job.

Here, content plays a key role in keeping the audience or listeners occupied with the subject. So, while choosing a topic, it becomes very important to infuse the best. Whether the podcast is related to True crime, a business strategy, or something connected to parenting tips, eventually it is the engaging content that plays a vital role in having a bounce-back of listeners.

Listeners connect with Podcasts

Coming to the podcaster’s POV, they act as a perfect medium to build and serve audiences with entertaining and educative content. It is the voice and the interaction of the podcast host that mesmerizes the public and thereafter connects with them through a special bond.

It’s revealed in research that most of the public who do not listen to their friends and elders connect to the hosts of podcasts in such a way that they do whatever the host says as they trust them to the core of their heart.

Role of a Podcast Host

Please do not get confused with the ‘Podcast Host’ phrase, as it has nothing to do with the man/woman who is hosting the podcast. They are officially called Podcasters, and this is the only word that makes sense.

Technically, a Podcast Host is a digital place where we store a podcast and distribute the audio files to RSS Feeds. It acts as a centralized platform to host the content and helps generate a link that can be submitted to the RSS Feeds of various podcast directories such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and such…

Can you host content on your own website?

Yes, you can host a podcast on your own website as it saves money spent on the host. However, using a podcast host makes sense, as one can store the podcast topic or the episode that listeners can easily download.

A podcast host allows us to create a link on an automated note that can be fed to the RSS feeds of different podcast directories that usually have traffic in thousands and millions.

Every podcast host offers an analytic feature that allows a podcaster to view the performance of the episode or topic.

Where we can hear the podcast

A podcast can be heard on a smartphone or a tablet and, of course, a computer.

With the advent of smartphones, podcast hosting companies have also started offering apps on which one can listen, and comment on a topic.

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