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Podcast Will Not Play

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Podcasts are proving as a great medium to share knowledge and entertain listeners. But sometimes, while playing a Podcast on the app, we get disappointed at seeing the podcast app behaving abnormally. If this is the case, here are some solutions that work well for users seeking podcast content on platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

Podcast app not working- If Apple Podcast App or Google Podcast doesn’t work, then most likely we will get an error message like “Can’t connect right now” as the app could not connect to the podcast server. If this message appears, then make sure the Wi-Fi connection is intact, and the connection is consistent enough and stable. If you are accessing the content on your phone, ensure that the cellular data option is in unlimited data access mode. Sometimes, servers hosting the app and distributing the content like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Spotify are facing downtime. If this is the case, better log on to the service after some time, say-1 or 2 hours. Reboot the device from which you are accessing the content and then re-select the podcast from the list.

Podcast app not showing all episodes- In most cases, such an issue might arise because of some technical difficulties. But if the issue occurs again, then log in to the Apple Podcasts app, tap on the Library, and select episodes. This will make all episodes of the podcast available on the app. If still, your desired content doesn’t appear, then the episode might have been removed from the list or it might be only available to premium listeners.

Sometimes the search feature on the app doesn’t work- If you encounter this situation, better delete the app, restart your device, go into the app store, download the podcast app, log in with your credentials and then start accessing the content via the search bar.


Latest episode notifications not buzzing- If you are not getting the recently uploaded episode notification, then the issue can be on the device notification feature as all notifications are handled by the core systems of iOS or Android. So, get the issue fixed at the device end and then check whether the new episodes for the subscribed podcasts are appearing on the app.

Podcast temporarily unavailable- This server issue arises when there is downtime on the hosting server or the RSS Feed. This means the phone cannot catch up with the content on the server or download the file. However, these outages occur for a very little time, and re-accessing them, say, after an hour, resolve the issue.

If the Apple Podcast app is not downloading episodes- This is a special case and is encountered by most iPhone users. If the app is not downloading the episodes on the device, then the option of streaming it is only left with the user and that proves as a big data guzzler.

If none of the above-stated tips work, call the app support team or email them your issue. And just wait for their response.

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