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What Podcast Equipment do I need

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Usually, a Podcast is created and streamed to reach wider audiences around the globe. And to create such catchy podcasts, one needs to deliver them perfectly, so it grabs the attention of audiences and educates them to the core.

Now coming to the main point, that is ‘What equipment is needed to create podcasts’?

The answer is simple, if in case, you need to create a podcast involving a single person, all you will need is a computer, microphones or headsets, and recording software to create an audio file- all a part of a Podcast equipment Kit. As smartphones and tablets are slowly replacing most of the work with laptops, one can create a podcast even through them.

Podcasts involving 2-3 persons, mainly those created for the education sector, need a bit more sophistication to avoid any external disturbances in the recorded audio files. So, a soundproof room is required to record such audio files and pass them to a large section of audiences or listeners.

Let’s speak about the Podcast Equipment kit-

Microphones- In the market, there are two types of microphones, one the basic and the second is the high-end microphone. The basic one is low in cost and does the normal work of helping record an audio file. Always choose a USB Microphone as it works easily with a computer and the plug and plays model suffices to quench the needs of a single-person podcast. High-end microphones are usually used in podcasts involving more people and to promote content related to large corporations.

In podcast recording kits, a dynamic headset is good for a person who is not recording from a soundproof podcast recording studio. Please note that condenser microphones are expensive and are more sensitive to a higher dynamic range.

Next in microphone selection is the sound picking pattern, as it has to be Omnidirectional, or bidirectional. A cardioid microphone usually picks the sound directly in front of the microphone and choosing a bidirectional microphone makes sense when the sound recording needs to be done with a co-host or 2-3 persons.

The mixer is also required to activate or deactivate a microphone when in use or vice versa. Picking up a Mackie Focusrite Scarlett series or a Behringer mixer might help in creating a perfect podcast audio or video.

Headphone help is also needed as it helps to pre-listen to the sound that is being recorded in the podcast. Go for a branded one as it adds value to the process of recording a podcast.

A computer is needed, but you can also record a podcast through a tablet or, sometimes, a smartphone. However, for video podcasts, a high-memory PC running on a fast processor makes complete sense.

condenser microphone in music production. recording concept

Mixing and recording software is also vital to a podcast recording kit, as we never know when a simple podcast can turn into a technical presentation. If you do a bit of research on the web, you will surely get a low in cost software, all without much burden on your pocket.

Internet access will help you upload the recorded podcast onto the web for the world to hear. Having broadband access will help upload large podcast files.

Optionally, you can go for a soundproof room as it helps in cutting down noises from the outside world. A professional table to support the above-stated setup and an office chair will add life to your activity of making podcasts creation as a profession.

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