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What podcast has the most listeners

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Those looking for podcasts and what exactly they mean are then seen searching for the podcasts that have the most listeners. Because this tech lets us tell and listen to in-depth interviews, great stories, view educational videos in a form that is easy to listen to, highly accessible, quick to download/stream, can be heard while doing daily chores like walking, working out, or cooking.

The benefits of podcasts don’t end here and mind you, people show an interest only in fresh content that can grab the attention of the listeners and cover every topic that’s trending.

As Podcasts that are being offered are often free, there are tons of content available on the web to listen to. But how do you judge what’s worth your time?

To simplify your search efforts, here’s a list of podcasts that have the most listeners. And obviously, only those with interesting content have a great following…isn’t it?

The Joe Rogan Experience- Hosted by Joe Rogan since 2009 and available on Spotify on the exclusive note, this show is being broadcasted from Austin, Texas n has about 11 million listeners on average per episode. However, because of some issues with the host, Spotify pulled down all the episodes of this popular Podcast star from February 2022 and the Google-owned YouTube is continuing to stream them all, since then.

Crime Junkie- Hosted by Brit Prawat and Ashley Flowers, this crime podcast in English is doing great on Apple Podcasts and Spotify for the past 18 months. Owned by Audio Chuck LLC and Broadcasted from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, the podcast of crime genre has garnered the attention of over 6 million listeners per episode since 2017.

Call Her Daddy- Running since 2018, and owned by Spotify Technology SA, this podcast hosted by Alexandra Cooper is garnering great attention from a lot of adult Podcast listeners. Over 3 million listeners per episode have subscribed to it and among them, nearly 70% of them are women. As it is filled with comedy and relationship advice stories and being broadcasted from the world’s top cosmopolitan City of New York, USA, the female podcast audiences mostly loved it.

My Favorite Murder- Running since 2016, this crime novel-based podcast is being hosted by Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark. Owned or published by Exactly Right Media, Inc, the podcast has an average listener count of 2.9 million approximately per episode.

The Ben Shapiro Show- Hosted by Benjamin Shapiro and running since 2015, this political-themed podcast is being aired from Florida, USA, and is owned by Bentkey Ventures LLC. On average, it is estimated that the Ben Shapiro Show is heard by over 2.6 million listeners-episode wise.

The Daily- This podcast is hosted by Micheal Barbaro and is running since 2017 with average listeners per episode reaching 1.6 million. Owned by The New York Times Company and aired from New York, this news-based podcast has trended 2nd on Apple Podcasts in 2021 consecutively for 3 times.

Office Ladies- Running since 2019, this behind-the-scenes program based on the episodes of “The Office- US Version” has been a hit with an average of about 1.3 million listeners per episode. It is being aired in California and hosted by Angela Kinsey & Jenna Fischer. And this English podcast is owned by Liberty Media.

Pod Save America- This enthusiastic political-themed podcast is hosted by Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Thomas Vietor and is running since 2017. This English podcast has garnered over 1.4 million listeners so far and is owned by Crooked Media, Inc, and is being broadcasted from Los Angeles, California, USA.

Stuff You Should Know Podcast- This podcast has been a scintillating hit since 2008 and belongs to the infotainment genre. Owned by iHeartMedia Inc, this English podcast is being aired from Georgia, the USA, with an average listener count of 1.2 million per episode. FYI, it is hosted by Charles Bryant & Josh Clark.

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast- Trending at the 3rd spot on Apple Podcasts lists of 2021. This crime thriller is owned by Morbid: A True Crime Podcast LLC company and is aired in Massachusetts, United States of America. Hosted by Ashleigh Kelley & Alaina Urquhart, this webcast has grabbed the attention of over 1.1 million listeners per episode on average.

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