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What Podcast is Joe Rogan On

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Joe Rogan, the American Comedian turned show presenter, released a Podcast in February this year and it was a smash hit on Spotify. But as the presenter used a lot of cuss words and some insensitive remarks specifically against a community, the music hosting platform removed the entire 70 episode series of the famous stand-up comedian featuring video game designers, technology heads like Elon Musk, Political stalwarts, sports persons, actors, musicians, fellow comedians, and business moguls.

It has surprised many. While some are aware of the latest developments and the consequences the UFC Color Commentator is going through, others are still searching for the latest podcasts related to martial arts fanatics.

Another reason for a strict action by Spotify to pull down Rogan’s show was the open letters given by about 270 healthcare professionals, scientists, and professors claiming Rogan to be spreading misinformation about Corona vaccines through his podcasts.

Without doing a proper check of facts and by just relying on the inputs of Anthony Fauci and Kate Bedingfield, the white house communication director; Rogan was found spreading disinformation that led to the ban of his podcasts on music platforms.

To catch up with the latest with Joe Rogan, many are turning to Adam Thorn, the co-host and creator of the popular “Joe Rogan Experience Review”. Thorne and his Co-Host Garrett Hess are seen highlighting their favorite moments from Rogan’s hit shown to date.

Joe Rogan is working on the following podcast now

Well, the news is out that the renowned celebrity is intending to come up with something creative in the mid-this year.

We all know that Spotify bagged the exclusive rights to host the podcasts of Joe Rogan since 2020 and so the production house that moved to Austin, Texas, is working on the latest script.

Hope, 2018 The Joe Rogan Experience’s disastrous run, a successor to the popular “Joe Rogan Experience Review” doesn’t repeat.

Joe Rogan’s podcast statistics

Over the past few years, the podcasts released by Rogan were an instant hit. The Psychedelic Adventure lover released over 1,750 Podcasts episodes on his official JRE YouTube Channel and Spotify. A few among them that attained over 250 million views were Elon Musk in episode 1169, Bernie Sanders in episode 1330, Edward Snowden in 1368, Kanye West in 1554, Russell Brand in episode 1283, Mike Tyson in episode 1227 and Dr. Rhonda Patrick.

And as per the analysis released by Chartable, the latest that was released in February this year reached the top 6th spot on Apple Podcast Charts and became one of the 100 most popular podcasts in the world.

Joe Rogan’s stories that reached news headlines

In February 2022, an article published in The New York Times disclosed Spotify paid Mr. Rogan $200 million for his podcasts, a fee much above the media speculated estimates.

In January 2015, over 11 million people listened to the podcasts delivered by Joe. And by October 2015, the figures reached 16 million downloads a month. And by April 2019, Rogan claimed the podcast reach to be 190 million downloads each month.

Joe Rogan’s Net Worth

In the year 2017, Joe was estimated to be earning around $5 million per year from the podcasts. But in May 2020, Spotify released an official statement that he was earning $20m per year from his podcasts reads and YouTube Revenue.

During his tenure as a host for the “Fear Factor” series between 2001 and 2006, Joe earned around $7 million per year. But it was later revealed that the amount included his fees as an official commentator for UFC.

In March 2022, Spotify released some details about its deal with Joe and confirmed that the comedian earns around $200 million over three years, meaning $67 million per year.


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