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What Podcast Means

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A Podcast is a digital version of audio or video files that can be downloaded onto a device and heard in leisure. As the file is placed on the internet, anyone can listen it or watch it as per their schedule, thus, cutting down the waiting queue for the consumption of same resources across multiple playback devices.

Podcast Benefits

Seeing the trend, various companies have also established podcast search engines, that will help interested parties search for content of their choice on a respective note.

As podcasting helps reach wider audiences, most of the radio shows are now available as podcasts as they can be heard in leisure by audiences.

In the education sector, the value of podcasts has also increased these days as inputs, instructions and lectures can be delivered to students, without the need of them to attend live classes or sessions.

In fact, during the Corona virus 2020 first lock-down, many of the school and college students started to seek online classes or educational courses and some found podcasts extremely helpful in gaining knowledge.

Types of Podcasts

Podcasts can be classified basically into 5 types and they are- 1.) Enhanced podcasts, also known as slide-cast podcast that involves a slide show presentation with audio- but differs with a video podcast 2.) A Fictious Podcast where a radio drama is presented in a podcast form and runs into multiple seasons or episodes. 3.) Third is a podcast in novel form and can be treated as a conceptualized form of an audiobook. 4.) A video podcast is one that contains relevant video content scrapped from web series of television content. Usually, comedy shows are being delivered in the form of video podcast content. 5.) Fifth in the line is a live Podcast that is streamed online to live audiences. But to indulge in such podcasts, pre-marketing tactics are used to gather audiences and revenue is generated by selling tickets to such audiences.

Podcast listening audiences

According to a research conducted by Oberlo on podcast statistics in the year 2021, 51% of United States Consumers aged 12 and above listen to podcasts and so far over 2 million podcasts have been produced with over 48 million podcast episodes.

The numbers might increase, provided, those unaware of Podcast benefits do not how to tap into the technology or how to listen a podcast and where to search one for.

Revenue from Podcasts

Coming to revenue generated from Podcasts, statistics revealed recently from a study made by eMarketer suggest that the US market alone is expected to spend $1.33 billion on ads being displayed in Podcasts, as it qualitatively adds value to digital marketing campaigns.

Another prediction made by the same surveying firm suggests the year 2023 will witness a $2 billion annual revenue spend by 2023.

Podcasts market seems to be going up on profits scale and so music streaming service Spotify has seemingly spent $900 million in companies dealing with Podcasts.

To all those who aren’t aware of the equipment needed to create podcasts, here’s a gist about it.

Podcast equipment

All you need is a computer and a microphone headset and a room that is quite enough with no external sound disturbances. Just download a recording application and start recording the content. And if a podcast involves two or more persons, then they all need a microphone and a USB audio interface to mix the content together and presented as a single podcast episode

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