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What podcast should I listen to quiz

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To all those who are new to the technology of Podcasts and the ones who already have knowledge about them, the very next question that comes into their mind is what should they listen to?

It’s obvious, as over 2 million podcasts are added every year to listening platforms such as Spotify, and in such scenarios, it gets really hard to pick a good one from the sea of content.

Podcast listening quiz

Anyway, to make things easy, some online services are offering the feature of finding the best podcast based on the interest of the listener. They throw a questionnaire at the listener and depending on the answers given by him/her, a podcast is recommended to them on topics such as mental health, history, crime, fashion, comedy, pop culture, issues happening in society, trending topics on news channels and some from the entertainment sector.

The Podcast topics are not restricted to the ones specified above. But those belonging to real-life events such as retirement, relationships, schooling, travel, dieting, and parenting are also available.

In most cases, recommendations of podcasts are being restricted to countries like the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia. But as the trend to listen to the best podcast is picking up, content from other countries is being made available, depending on the interest from that area.

What Podcast should I listen to

People listen to podcasts like they used to listen to radio programs a few years ago. However, as smartphone technology kicked in, digital dependence has increased in our day-to-day lives, and interest in video content has increased.

Seeing a quick business opportunity, companies like TikTok, YouTube, Daily Motion have invested billions in server farms, to enable their respective users to host content for free. And the trend for people to showcase their talented skills on this platform started.

Though most of the interest is for visual content, podcast listening hasn’t died out yet. It just faded out for a few years and is now back. As people love to listen to the content during their leisure or while doing their household chores, driving to the office or work, and whatnot.

It is like passing out time with our ears to listen and hands to work!

So, it makes sense to sieve through the content and invest our precious time in something meaningful to listen to or something that helps relieve our work stress.

Comedy podcasts, crime thrillers, action content do score well in such situations as they help us relieve stress and also generate interest in how the world is flowing along with the time.

Usually, most of the podcasts exist in the time frame of 20 minutes to 1 hour. And so, depending on our leisure time, it is better to choose content based on the recording time. And as we all know, the content is available to listen to or view 24/7 and so can be heard after a break, if in case, our life is stuck in a hectic schedule.

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