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What podcast should I listen to

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To those who already know what is a podcast, the next thing that clicks their mind is ‘What podcast should I listen to’?

It is an obvious thought as the internet is filled with millions of audio files that generate interest in us, but cannot be judged simply by looking at the name and cover. As it is hard to know whether it is engrossing just by listening to the promo or the host’s name.

Nowadays, people are investing in various marketing tactics to highlight their content to the top, in order to get the maximum amount of views or clicks and some are also indulging in false narratives, just to grab the attention of the listeners.

So, with intense competition picking up to highlight a podcast from the sea of content, it becomes really difficult to easily pick one to listen to.

Here’s where a bit of research on the internet and some reading of articles can help, as it not only gives us a choice on what to listen to but will also assist in content that is simply a waste of time.

The quickest and easiest way is to search for the podcasts from Google by typing on topics of interest. Like health podcasts, business podcasts, relationship podcasts, and some entertainment stuff.

How to find podcasts that interest you

Frankly speaking, there are a lot of podcasts to listen to. But one doesn’t have that much time to invest, as our lives have become too busy. According to research conducted by Podcasts Insights in 2021, over 48 million episodes of content were available to listen to enthusiasts.

Obviously, keeping a track of the new content and listening to the backlog of podcasts isn’t that easy, especially if you work or own a business.

However, things have changed with the influx of smartphones, as people are listening to podcasts through them, so the number of listeners is growing.

By doing a quick search on Google, one can easily come across websites such as Podbean, Anchor, Buzzsprout, Riverside, Spreaker and much more. And as these sites host a range of podcasts, surely one can find their interest, with just a few clicks.

Web portals such as Listennotes.com offer a range of podcast topics and that too with a slew of features such as cross-promotion, content ideas to make new podcasts, and ‘listen later’ features that allow us to create a playlist of our choice.

Services such as Podchaser, Podhunt, Castro, Podible can help in discovering the newest content and that too as per our choice.

Apps like Laughable, Pinna, Leela Kids will also help in taking us to the right content of our choice.

Finally, Podcast content is king

No matter how many online resources are offering you the info on your choice, it is the content that is the king. This means, eventually, it is the podcast content that plays a vital role in engaging the listeners. If it is interesting, it will bring more viewership or listeners. If it is filled with content that doesn’t generate interest in the listeners, it will die down within a few days of its release.

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