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What podcast was Jamie Lynn Spears on

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We all know that the relationship between Jamie Lynn Spears and music heartthrob Britney Spears has strained in the past few months. All because of the recent legal battle of the elder sister with her father James Parnell Spears over ‘conservatorship’.

On January 18th this year, little sister Jamie spoke about the relationship she shares with her elder sister on Call Her Daddy Podcast. And she asserted she doesn’t feel good about joining the media circus when Britney was battling with her father over her earnings, spending, and the overall ownership of her wealth.

Jamie Lynn Spears’s closeness with her elder sister Britney

In the two-part interview of Jamie Lynn Spears’s podcast interview “Call Her Daddy”, host Alexandra Cooper is seen asking several questions about the on-off relationship of Jamie with Britney, and the former agreed that she shared a troubling connection with her elder sibling, like other sisters in the world.

“I love my sister” and “I am the biggest fan” of her music added Jamie. But again, sisters are sisters, and you all know how the bond between them stays.

To those uninitiated, the Jamie Lynn Podcast has promoted the former Zoey 101 star’s new memoir, Things I Should Have Said.

More about Jamie Lynn Podcast

After the public spat of Jamie with her elder sister Britney, over the singers legal conservatorship battle, Jamie Lynn’s podcast interview to promote her memoir garnered a lot of attention from the media and music fans across the world.

So, to capitalize on the controversy, host Alexandra Cooper asked Jamie to describe her current relationship of her with her elder sister. And Jamie responded. Britney changed a lot after 2002 and at the time was hiding a knife under the bed and locking the bedroom door and whispering in her little sister’s ears that she was scared as she was feeling threatened.

After stating some controversial likes against her elder sister Britney, Jamie Lynn Spears agreed her sister was acting weird because of the trauma she was going through and the media speculations added fuel to her suffering.

Britney’s reaction to her little sister Jamie Lynn’s podcast

Reacting to the interview given by her younger sister, Britney said that the story told by her younger sister about her mental condition in 2008 was absolutely false and she was being looped into something that was hard to believe.

On January 21st, 2022, the pop singer said in an interview that her younger sister was planting false stories in the media to sell copies of her memoir. And she felt extremely bad about the words she spoke against her in a recent interview with Good Morning America while promoting Things I Should Have Said.

Britney quoted that her family was trying to pull her down and hurt her from all angles and she is 100 billion percent sure about it.

Hearing the statement of her elder sister, Jamie released a statement via Instagram that she hates to burst her sister’s bubble and reiterated the fact that her book is not about her music sensation sister in any manner. She also blasted the media for twisting her words said in the podcast interview and reaffirmed that she also came from the spears family and has worked hard since before she was a teenager and attained all the glory on her own, despite being someone’s little sister.

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