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Which Podcast App is best for Android

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Podcasts always keep us engaged as we can learn about news facts on unknown topics, and things that are happening around us, all within just a few minutes to say a complete hour. Coming to the content available, there are thousands of podcasts to listen to covering various topics, and the most convenient way to listen to them is through dedicated apps.

For those using an Android phone, here’s a list of useful apps that can help listen to the latest episodes from the trending seasons.

Pocket Casts- This app is easy and intuitive to use. It is free and allows users to browse, search, subscribe, and listen to the content on a direct note. Episodes can be downloaded manually for offline listening. Volume booster, sleep time, silence trimming, and speed controls are some highlights of this podcast listening application platform. For consumers having storage issues, Pocket Casts allows them to access 10GB of cloud storage filled with extra themes and access to web player and desktop apps for a small price of $1 per month.

PodBean- As this app is enriched with unique features, it is quite popular among podcast listeners accessing content on Android phones. When compared to its competitors, two features are pretty special on this app. One is intelligence driven playback speed that can be auto-adjusted while listening and the second is the ability to listen to live content and interact in real time. Regular purchase of premium content, recording of his/her own podcasts, and the browser option recommended content make this app unique and a big hit.

Google Podcasts- For smartphones selling in America, Google Podcasts is a default app that comes downloaded on the device for free and helps in listening to the latest content. Users can subscribe to the shows, download them for offline listening, and add them to the queue. All the other features that are available on Apple Podcasts are also available on this platform along with the ”Trim Silence” feature.

Castbox- Though the interface of this app is complex, it offers a feature for users to comment and interact with each other and even record their podcasts, like Podbean. However, the free version contains ads that can be annoying and can prove extremely ingratiating in some situations.

Spotify- This app was first created to listen to music and related content. Later on, that is a couple of years ago, it featured podcasts and is now trending at the number two position for featuring exclusive podcast content such as The Joe Rogan Experience. Currently, this platform is in the development stage and becomes a bit confusing in mixing music with podcast libraries, especially while browsing.

Stitcher- With an easy-to-navigate and access interface, this platform is a favorite to thousands of podcast lovers. However, accessing content on this app is time taking when compared to the above-stated apps in the list.

So, what are you waiting for?

Just download one of the above-said apps and enjoy your favorite content.

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