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Which Podcast App is Best

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Podcast consumption has increased enormously in the past 4 years and that’s because the craze for content has doubled up as many online resources are offering content on all smart devices for convenience.

Now, to those who desire to listen to their favorite podcasts on smartphones, there are some applications, technically known as Podcast Apps that help access the content while in Gym, in commute to the office, doing daily chores at home, and cooking in Kitchen.

Just to help get you started, here’s the list of apps-

Apple Podcasts offer free access to about 30 million podcast episodes and also offer premium content on subscription. Users have the choice to select over 1 million shows that cater to almost 30 million episodes. On a subscription of $1 and more on a monthly note, consumers of podcasts can have access to exclusive content that can be accessed on iPhones and iPads working on iOS 10.0 or later. The highlight of this app is that it can sync with SIRI, the virtual assistant, so users can just use their voice commands to access the content. And if you have Amazon Alexa, Apple Podcasts can also sync with the Alexa app. Search option, playback or fast forward by 15 seconds to 30 seconds, and sleep timer are some highlights of these Apple Podcast apps. And once you subscribe to the feed, the app notifies the users whenever a new episode is out. Ad-free podcast listening is also available on this platform.

Google Podcasts offers free access to podcast content and comes pre-installed with Android devices- at least in the west. Most of the shows that are available on Apple Podcasts are also available on this platform and those missing can be added by entering its RSS feed to the platform. Users can subscribe to the shows, download them for offline listening, and add them to the queue. All the other features that are available on Apple Podcasts are also available on this platform along with the ”Trim Silence” feature.

Spotify- This application has over 3.2 million podcasts to access from its repository and offers free content with ads and charges $10 for an ad-free experience. The highlight of this application is that the content can be accessed through web browsers, iOS devices, android devices, media players, and smart TVs and offers exclusive content on-demand. Some Spotify exclusive shows include “The Joe Rogan Experience”, Renegades: Born in the USA, The Michelle Obama Podcast, and Living & Learning by Reba McEntire. The highlight of accessing podcast content on Spotify is that it allows podcasters to time-stamp their content and gives an exclusive convenience to users of jumping to the content of choice at a specific period on the track. Also, for extra convenience for listeners, Spotify has introduced a rating system for the content. Thus, users can rate the content and make it easy for others to choose only the interesting ones based on the star rating.

Audible is an Amazon-backed app that earlier used to offer audio books and it now offers podcast content, tagged as Audible Original Shows. One can find podcast content related to comedy, relationships, tech, and more in the “Podcasts” category, and “Oprah’s Super Soul” has kept the minds of many engaged. Among a collection of over 100,000 podcasts, Audible boasts a solid selection such as Women Unlocked, The Messenger, Brooklyn North, In the Gap, and Soldiers of Science. Audible Plus subscription offers a good value for those seeking access to premium content.

Stitcher is solely dedicated to podcasts and has a collection of about 460,000 and the count is going. Thus, it offers a curated list of podcasts every week and has a playlist collection depending on the likes of women, independent artists, Black Americans, and such. Premium content users can have early access to fresh content and gain an ad-free experience and monthly giveaways by shelling extra.

TuneIn- This platform was crafted to feature radio streams and has now added a podcast catalog that is having about 4 million podcasts content. If the user wants to access free content, then they need to access it with ads. Otherwise, just a $10 onetime payment can make their experience more interesting, as audio ads will only interrupt them. And if the user doesn’t want even this disruption, then they can avail of ad-free content by paying $10 a month. If a specific podcast doesn’t show up in TuneIn, then users can add it via a custom URL button in the library and get the transcripts of the episodes, provided the podcast creator has made them available.

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