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Which Podcast has the most listeners

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By knowing which podcasts are popular, one can get an insight into how they are performing, what people are listening to, why they are listening, and what is keeping them engaged. Thus, such stats often lead not only to better marketing campaigns but also assist new podcasters on how to create innovative content that can easily grab the attention of podcast consumers.

If you go through the internet, we can find many online resources that help find the best podcast content. Usually, they list their preferences as rankings and show which shows are popular- category-wise.

But in this digital world, it is really hard to estimate how many people are actually consuming the content as there are many marketing tricks that increase the download numbers fraudulently. Like how YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter clicks can be fabricated by giving access to automated bots.

With all the key things said, let’s focus on the main point of Most Popular Podcasts with most listeners and they are as follows-

1.) Serial–Hosted and Produced by Sarah Koenig, this Serial Podcast is related to the investigative journalism podcast that also won a Peabody award for the year 2015. Stats are in that this podcast has so far garnered a whopping 175 million downloads and the count is still ticking as Serial offers new episodes filled with high-quality content every Thursday.

2.) The American Life is one of the fantastic podcasts related to journalism and storytelling. It is downloaded about 2.5 million times and helps the listeners understand life in a better way.

3.) Dirty John is another investigative journalism-based podcast that has crossed over 10 million downloads only within six weeks of the first episode release and is about a story of a 50-year-old interior designer named Debra Newell, who is on a hunt for the prince charming on the internet. She meets John Meehan, who turns into a villain after their marriage with Debra Newell. This podcast is now only six episodes old but has a gripping storyline to keep the audiences glued to the device in the future.

4.) Dr. Death is one such story that keeps the audiences glued to their listening devices. It is about 33 patients who immensely trust a neurosurgeon who in fact puts the lives of his patients in immense danger. It is a true-crime story woven by the infamous Dr. Christopher Dutsch and hosted by crime reporter Laura Bell. So far, it has passed the 8 million downloads mark and will soon reach the benchmark of 10 million downloads by September this year.

5.) RadioLab is hosted by Jab Abumrad and Robert Krulwich and is receiving a lot of love from the podcast listening community. It is about exploring scientific and philosophical concepts with a creative lens and has won a National Academies Communication Award and Two Peabody Awards. BTW, WNYC Studios is financing this podcast.

6.) The Daily is a news podcasting platform that has garnered a lot of fan-craze. It is filled with news from all parts of the world and focuses only on significant topics trending in the headlines of the New York Times. Michael Barbaro is the interviewer on this podcast and digs deeper into the matter till he reaches the core and covers all the valid points linked with the topic that happened in the past and will happen in the future as consequences.

7.) Stuff You Should Know is an educative podcast hosted by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant. It has been downloaded millions of times and covers everything from animals to war and from technology to life sciences.

8.) S.Town is another investigative journalism-related podcast that has been downloaded over 77 million times to date. It is about a true story that has been scripted to match the tastes of all audiences and deals with a murder crime committed by a son of a wealthy person in S.Town.

9.) The Joe Rogan Experience has been topping the podcast charts for the past 3-4 years and is an instant hit on Spotify. The host Joe Rogan, who was a comedian turned UFC commentator, has been hosting the show from the beginning and is earning around $200 million from Spotify every 3 years. He brings out different topics to converse and invites guests to know their opinion and discloses some secrets about their life to keep the show engrossing.

10.) TED Talks- This show is a showstopper with the utmost entertainment quotient and can be heard in transit while doing household chores and such. It has nearly a million subscribers and is a hit on Player FM and Stitcher.

11.) Planet Money- Well, if you listen to this show once, you can easily understand the basic concepts about economics like investments, scams, and whatnot. The show acts more like an awareness-creating platform and so is being followed by thousands on a weekly basis.

12.) Pod Save America– Hosted by Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer, and Tommy Vietor, all extreme supporters of Obama and against Republicans, especially Donald Trump- this political talk show is liberal in expressing its views, and sarcasm by using some cuss words. It has garnered over 1.5 million listeners an episode and, by Nov’17, was downloaded over 120 million times.

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