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Which Podcast should I listen to Quiz

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As soon as you develop an interest in listening to Podcasts, the very first question that strikes your mind is ‘Which Podcast Should I Listen to’? The emergence of such a question in our mind is obvious as there are tonnes of content to access, but it is hard to judge which content is worth to our time.

Usually, we do not have time to listen to every podcast that we come across, as there are over 2 million of audio-visual podcasts on the web. And it becomes really hard to pick a few from the ocean of such content.

So, here comes Podcast Listening Quiz to your rescue!

It is nothing but a simple online service that helps one find the best content of choice. First, the service shoots a smart questionnaire at the listener, and depending on the answers given by him or her, the online service returns with content on topics such as crime, comedy, politics, health, history, news, sports, trending topics on the web, and happenings in the society.

Interestingly, the topics do not end here, but will also belong to real-life events such as parenting, retirement, relationship, and whatnot.

Previously, the search engines used to supply only the content belonging to the search topic in the local language. But later it removed the filters and made other content available based on the interest.

Podcast should I listen to

Earlier, only audio podcasts were a hit and acted as a rich source for knowledge share. However, things slowly started to change and listeners or audiences showed interest in video podcasts. Like how people switched from radio to TV, as the latter was rich in video content.

Then around 10-years ago, podcast consumption changed as most people listened to the content on their smartphones, rather than on other computing devices. However, the tech did not bring life to podcast creators for long as there were other sorts of content that acted as distractions to podcast listeners like YouTube, TikTok, Daily Motion, and such.

Now, although most of the Internet’s interest lies with visual content, podcast listening hasn’t died out at all. To be specific, the way the podcasts are consumed has changed as people still love to listen to the content when in leisure or while doing household chores, driving to the office, and such.

The enormous advantage of listening to podcasts is only our ears and eyes get engaged in the content, while our hands stay free. Thus, we can listen or watch something meaningful to help relieve stress while our hands remain busy.

Comedy podcasts and crime thrillers, along with action content, do score well in such situations, as they not only entertain us but also help us learn how the world is transforming.

Now, speaking about the duration of podcasts, usually they exist in a time frame of 20 minutes to 1 hour. And so can be heard in the day’s leisure, as it is free and is available to access 24×7.

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