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Which Podcast should I listen to

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Listening to podcasts has become a custom these days, rather than just a trend. The reason is they are filled with information, are entertaining, can be heard to pass time and while doing chores, and are convenient enough to hear in leisure with the help of the internet.

Podcasting has become a career for many, as the demand for such content has made many switch from their regular careers to podcast creation. Because it not only helps the host to gain knowledge from guests and audiences but also acts as an apt platform to share the knowledge with others and with those interested in learning new things now and then.

For those interested, Google researchers help them in accessing the better, if not the best, content from podcasting, and the topics to choose from are many and vary as per the listener’s choice.

As said earlier, podcasts are easy to access and can be consumed by everyone. Some are educational, some are work-related, and some are pertaining to new trends and technology. While most of the content is available for free, some of it is available for premium access only. Meaning, that the user needs to subscribe to the content while paying a fee and can listen to it whenever and wherever they want to.

Almost ten years ago, Audio Podcasts were an instant hit among the listeners as they kept the ears of the customers engaged, while their hands and eyes focused on other tasks such as driving, reading, doing gym work, and such.

However, the way the podcast is being consumed has changed in recent times, as people are showing a lot of interest in consuming content that is filled with audio-visual information.

Now coming to the big question- What type of podcast should one listen to

Wondering what type of podcast should you listen to or what podcast is having the potential to keep the audiences glued?

Then just do a bit of Google research and check for yourself on the content you need to consume. Remember, only the content that has the potential to grab the attention of users will have the most downloads, and consuming it by paying a premium(if necessary) makes sense.

Rest, like in the TV world, the Podcasting business is also filled with a lot of content. Merely only the best occupies the top place in the search engine rankings and the minds & hearts of consumers as well.

Below is a list of top Podcast Shows that have the potential to keep the audiences engaged

For Technology related topics in Podcasts- Flash Forward, Reply All, Noise Canceling, and The Dropout are some of the best content to access.

For those interested in seeking topics on Culture, History and societal norms, Podcasts such as Sounds like a Cult, Real Dictators, The Last Days of August, Grief Cast, 99% Invisible, You’re Dead to Me, You Must Remember This, The Guardian’s Audio Long Reads, The Allusionist, Stuff You Should Know, Hiphop Saved My Life, No Such Thing as a Fish, Lore, The American Life, Call Your Girlfriend, S-Town, Between the Covers, How to Own the Room, How Did This Get Made, The Adam Buxton Podcast make sense.

For those interested in crime content-based podcasts- Someone Knows Something, Criminal, My Favorite Murder, and Crimetown is the content that can be listened to.

For Self Development– Podcasts that can be listened to are Between the Covers, How to Fail with Elizabeth Day, and How to Own the Room.

Top podcasts of the Comedy Genre are How did this get made, WTF with Marc Maron, The Adam Buxton Podcast, and such

Sports and health Podcasts are Sports Wars, The Cycling Podcast, The Football Ramble, Marathon Talk, Against the Rules, The Greatest Game,

Talking Simpsons, The Adventure Zone, Welcome to Night Vale, and Retronauts, are some popular shows belonging to the fiction and entertainment genre of podcasts.

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