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Will Podcast make you Smarter

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The question seems to be pretty naïve! But Podcasts have the potential to make a person smarter. Wanna know how?

Here are five reasons that can prove podcast listening makes the listener smart

Inspiration- Obviously, when our beloved host speaks on the podcast, we fall in love with the topic, the way it is being explained, and sometimes the voice of the artist. On constant listening, we get inspired by the ideas given by the podcast creator and start bonding with the host via a special connection. Like how Joe Rogan’s experience proved inspiring for many in the first and the second season.

Education and Informed- Factually speaking, no one is born with a smart brain that has knowledge of anything and about everything. It’s gradually that we learn things by seeing, reading, listening, and learning from our experiences. Podcast listening helps us to get smarter than we can listen to new interests and hobbies and sometimes learn new things on topics we haven’t explored. With some podcasts, the host shares us their experiences and what not to do in order to stay out of trouble. Such podcasts not only prove informative but also help in brushing up our knowledge in a specific field or niche. Furthermore, online courses can be offered in podcasting by crafting each chapter as an episode. This has become a trend these days, especially after the COVID-19-induced lockdowns are preventing students from attending physical classes on subjects related to +2 and above.

Growing Personally and Professionally- When a podcast creator or host speaks in a show, he/she not only discusses things that are useful to others. But also learn from the experiences of others, in case the show has a guest or two. This not only allows them to grow personally, but if the show content clicks, it can also pave way for the professional growth. As sponsors, affiliate marketers, donors, and hosting companies throng to buy content rights or to sign up agreements for promotions.

Entertainment- People listen to podcasts for various reasons, and entertainment seems to be one of them. In some parts of the world, where TV content is becoming expensive to access, podcast listening is keeping the audiences entertained and relaxed by boosting their moods. Podcasts related to comedy, politics, movies, music, and sports are the few to name in this segment.

Kill the boredom in transit- If you are traveling from California to Texas, podcast listening can prove as a great way to optimize your valuable time. Just download a few new episodes of a show when you have internet and then listen to them while on travel. This not only helps in killing boredom but will also prove as an apt way to brush up on knowledge. And if you are driving, say, for 4-5 hours, podcast listening will keep you and your partner entertained all throughout the traveling session.

Podcasts that can make a person smart

Hidden Brain, Stuff You Should Know, Revisionist History, The Habitat, Philosophize This, 99% Invisible, The Stacking Benjamins, a few episodes of Joe Rogan Show, FoundMyFitness, Opening Arguments, Start with This are some of the shows that can help make the listener smarter.

Each listener has his/her own taste in listening to podcasts and so we expect the same level of understanding for podcast content.

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